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.45 1911 Auto Builders Kit, All Parts Less Frame - Includes New Slide


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finished my 1911
Ken smith (Murrells Inlet , SC) 9/26/2018 8:06 PM
I got my kit in the mail yesterday and was very excited to finish my 1911 build.spent half the night and better part of today Refitting everything together had to refit every single piece piece. Nothing fit right out of box.but I did finally get it finished. And i test fired it twice. The next build I think I'll spend the extra money for a different parts kit and save myself the work.but the kit did function with some work.
Sarco is number 1
Brian (Coopersburg PA) 7/24/2018 1:18 PM
All parts were good quality with minimal fitting on a sarco frame ! Best price and service around.Thank you!
SARCO is #1
James (Las Vegas, NV) 1/15/2018 1:30 PM
We got another one of these kits as a Xmas gift/family heirloom and a TM 4140 frame, SARCO parts fit outta the pouch.A marriage made in 1911 heaven. We love sarco.
I love this site great deals and great quality
Michael Partnoy (Kansas City, KS) 11/28/2017 5:54 PM
Got my kit today all packed great all parts have great finish and everything there very happy with slide as well has lower ejection port not standard very pleased with that for 239 with extra wood grips thats a great price bout as cheap as it gets for parts kit and quality is great way better than you would exspect for the price if your a builder don't pass up this kit even as extra parts pile you can't go wrong will be getting at least one more just because of quality and price
Aaron A (Ossian, IN) 11/14/2017 12:59 PM
Got everything in the mail yesterday (11/13/17), and was very pleased with the basic quality of all of the parts. Waiting on the frame, will put together right away and see how it goes. In short, this gives me the chance to build a 1911 that I can truly call my own! I will likely get upgraded springs and keep the stock springs for backup purposes, also, it's worth noting that the magazine that comes with this pistol works in my other 1911— Range Officer Elite— but it definitely needs some miles on it or something because I do have issues with the cartridge being fed properly sometimes.
Will order again.
Branimir Stojsic (Ozone Park, NY) 1/1/2017 1:16 PM
Didnt require any fitting of parts, everything dropped in. Very Pleased with this purchase. Will order again.
Good kit for the price
Russel Dove (Martinsville, IN) 11/5/2016 11:52 AM
Purchased this kit for use on a Palmetto State Armory frame I picked up awhile back. Had been waiting for these to come back into stock. Finish on my kit was good and even. As stated on another review, grips that came with it are used. I plan on replacing/upgrading them any way. Good base kit for your frame. My frame didnt require any fitting of parts, everything dropped in and was tight. Already test fired, and with a slight sight adjustment pistol works great. One issue I've seen with the supplied magazine is that it doesn't engage the slide stop when the magazine is empty. A different manufacturer magazine does.
Good quality entry level builders kit
Brian K (Colorado Springs, CO) 10/18/2016 1:17 PM
Overall this is a good kit. The parts are entry level, new, and definitely functional. Color of the finish is even and consistent. As noted in the description some parts required minor fitting, but nothing that was unexpected or overly difficult (YouTube is your friend!). The base level grips were the only used parts. Mine were unusable due to one old grip screw and frame stud being completely rusted and left in place, however I did not intend to use these so it was a non-issue. I also choose to upgrade to a Wilson combat spring set, but the provided screws looks like they would have worked. I knocked this down to only 4 stars since the slide was a bit out of spec cosmetically. When it was originally shaped the right rear of the slide (where you insert the extractor) was over-ground and shorter than the right side by a few thousandths. This is just a cosmetic issue and not that bad, but I did want to note it. I did call and discuss with Customer service and they would have allowed an exchange, however I was unable to proceed to due to timeline constraints on my side. My final project looks like a traditional USGI m1911A1 and while I have yet to test fire I have confidence that this will run well. Thanks Sarco for offering this cost effective kit.
Very Happy
michael Christiansen (UT) 8/10/2016 5:42 PM
9 days from order to delivery, very happy about that! Everything looked brand new, no engravings on the slide which is what I hoped for! Packaged well, and oiled for protection. Very Pleased with this purchase. Will order again if I see it pop up in stock again!
Excellent 1911 Parts Kit !!!
william christian (Hampton, NH) 7/11/2016 5:14 PM
I was lucky enough to find 2 of these kits in stock over 4th of July weekend with the free shipping offer. The kits are in excellent condition with everything there. I probably wont use the recoil spring or plastic grips and the magazine looks pretty basic..( but I'll try it out ) The slide and barrel are new and all the other parts look great !! Looks like the best deal anywhere for a complete 1911 kit less frame. I would buy again in a heartbeat ( though they are out of stock again already )
Very surprised
Ashley Carlton (Cleveland, TN) 3/4/2016 12:57 AM
Excellent kit, fast shipping, complete, replace the springs and runs flawlessly built on alloy 7000 series stealth arms frame I highly recommend in fact an ordering another sarco kit tonight.
Doug (Clovis, CA) 3/1/2016 11:19 AM
Great kit at a great price.
Great Kit
Roy Weber (Sheldon, MO) 10/2/2015 12:24 PM
Only filing was on the hammer for full cock. the Mag provided was junk, but the kit itself was outstanding went together with no problems
Dave McGinn (Bristow, VA) 9/19/2015 9:04 PM
I ordered a test frame from stealth arms for $35. To make a long story short, the "test" frame, although ugly" was functional. Built it out with this kit, and it worked! Bottom line, I have a functional basic 1911 for roughly $250 or so. The only filing I had to do was on the hammer strut pin. Safety lever might need a bit of work as well but it works. Everything else fit right in.
Great kit
Randol Thrasher (Atwater, CA) 9/11/2015 4:17 AM
I bought this kit to complete a 80% frame, after the machine work was finished, I assembled the pistol and took it to the range, it runs flawlessly!
Great Kit
Richard Moore ( AZ) 4/17/2015 2:57 PM
After purchasing this kit I had no problems building the 1911. When purchased there were some back ordered pieces and SARCO stayed on top of the order until all was received. It went together well and functions fine. Since then I have bought another kit and currently building it up. Great product!
Great Price and Great for First Build
Chase ( MN) 2/24/2015 11:01 PM
I bought this for my first 1911 build. Obviously, these parts are not top quality, but the price to quality ratio cant be beat. Many of the parts needed fitting, but my frame was indeed an 80%, so I cant speak for finished frames. My items arrived in a relatively timely manner also. I believe it was less than 2 weeks. As anyone that has ordered parts of this nature knows, this is relatively quick.
nice parts kit
Bryan Gardner (Newcastle, WY) 2/20/2015 3:54 PM
Ordered by phone. Was told they would ship what they have and ship the rest when it arrived. I received the box a week later and had everything except the barrel. Good quality parts all fit well. Had to tweak the sear spring to get the slide to fully clock the hammer.I will be at the range as soon as the barrel arrives.
Good for the price... But...
Thecrazyone1 (Stockton, CA) 4/29/2014 2:41 PM
Recoil spring that was included with the kit sucks and is underpowered when compared with a new 16# spring from another website. Slide is good but the finish wears off quickly. Most parts needed some fitting which is to be expected, but they needed more fitting than the more expensive parts from other websites. Overall good for the price... I would invest in buying a 16# recoil spring from somewhere else though.
Jerry G (WISCO) 3/19/2014 8:09 AM
Arrived in no time at all! Very little fitting for slide assembly. Nice quality fits. Not only WOULD I recommend this; but have already started to. Happy with purchase; best value on the market!
1911 parts kits
James Murphy (Pierson, FL) 7/14/2012 11:31 AM
I bought 3 complete kits minus the frames. They look like very high quality parts. I've called twice to order frames.The web site says they're "currently available", but the voice on the other end of the phone says they're not and "has no idea when they will be".I emailed E-Sarcoinc about the frames situation and I was ignored.The web site still says they're in stock. Why they refuse to change the stock status on the web site, I don't know. They must get dozens of calls per day. In the end,I gave up on E-Sarcoinc and ordered frames from Brownell's and they're on the way. I'm pleased with the kits and the price,but dissappointed with E-Sarcoinc's business practices regarding the frames.
Val Taylor (Yuma, AZ) 4/4/2012 2:49 PM
The build up of this 1911 has been the most rewarding experience I have had. The only problem is that it was finished with little or no gun smiting. I was expecting that the process would be time consuming and labor intensive, however the parts fell into place just as I had viewed it on You Tube. As you can tell that this was my first build of a 1911 but if this is the enjoyment that can be expected, I will continue to build them. The time that it took for me to finish this build was about 4 hours of work. I received the parts on Thursday night and was shooting it Saturday morning. I did have to buy a better magazine because of the follower; it would not support the bullet at the right angle. The only parts problem was fitting the Hammer to the grip safety. I want to thank Lisa for her patients with me because of my constant emailing to find out if parts had arrived so that my kit could be shipped.
Good product, slow delivery.
David Williamson (Deer Lodge, MT) 3/8/2012 8:12 PM
I gave this product a 3 out of 5 for one reason. The time it took to receive it. Made the order the 13th of Feb. and received it today (March 8). Never got an email saying they were behind or out of a part or something like that. Had they done that, this is a 5 out of 5 hands down. Everything was in the bag. Only gripe about the parts I have is that the Mainspring Cap was covered in cosmoline still, and was the only part in that condition. The thumb safety definitely won't work until it's cleaned up and fitted. The barrel was extremely tight at first but after a few cycles it's working its way in. So if you're looking at this kit, it's worth it, just don't expect it quickly.
Missing Grip Safety
matthew hempstead (beavercreek, OH) 11/14/2011 12:03 PM
Happy with the parts at least all that it came with. It was missing the grip safety, which after calling they said it is on back order. They said that they have no way of knowing its missing out of kit and on backorder, until after it is purchased. I think that is a poor excuse. I have been waiting for over 2 months now for the grip safety, which is all that is left to complete the build. I have called twice and was told that I don't need to call anymore, that it will be shipped once they receive it. I suggest calling and asking if all parts are present before ordering, to save being impatient to finish you build. Called before hitting send on this review and was told that the grip safety is on backorder and has a blue finish, which everything in the kit is parkerized. This it getting very frustrating.
1911 builders kit
Bart Gulley (Cedartown, GA) 11/14/2011 11:40 AM
The kits and price are great. Will purchase another once there back in stock. Thanks Sarco..
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