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Price: $569.00 - Call To Order (610) 250-3960
Item Number: GUN442
This is a brand new 1911-style autoloader chambered in the new .22 TCM caliber. Rock Island Armory cartridge designer Fred Craig said the proprietary .223-based pistol caliber round sends a 40 grain jacketed hollow point bullet downrange at 2100 feet per second. The goal was to make a 1911-type pistol “with the same weight, but double the firepower and delivering more foot pounds of energy.” .22 TCM AND 9MM • 2 DIFFERENT BARRELS • Composite grips • 5 inch barrel

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Way too much fun to shoot
Cliff Thew (MADISON, WI) 12/22/2013 11:46 AM
I learned about the TCM in the Oct/Nov issue of Guns and Ammo's Handguns magazine. It looked like something I had to have. I have put about 250 rounds through it without a failure of any kind. Some of the most fun is when the rangemaster or another shooter asks "what the heck is that thing, I can't believe the muzzle blast and boom" The accuracy is great, the kick very mild, and all together a fun gun to shoot! My only complaint is that of having to change the extractor between 9mm and 22TCM shooting. This was not made clear anywhere on Rock Islands web site. As a matter of fact it was omitted in that the list of what was included did not mention the inclusion of a second extractor.
Fantastic firearm
Robert Ewers (Plainfield, IL) 10/12/2013 8:24 PM
I've had mine for ten months and am so very happy I got it for myself as a Christmas present. I have my dies from Hornady witch were a little pricey but then again they are still custom dies. I have only shot paper target indoors so far. I do plan on trying on some varmit soon. A white dot on the front sight is the only thing I am looking to try on the wonderful sidearm. 2 inch group at 50 feet.
ken nadon (franklin, NH) 11/10/2012 12:38 PM
Mine only came with 1 extractor marked 22 tcm and is all thats needed for 22 tcm or 9mm . works fine for either . Also , even though Armscor is the only source for ammo , they have tons of it available . And Lee dies are available if you know where to look . Reloading data and components too. I've been reloading rounds that are equal to the factory stuff for a month or two now . The pistol itself is very good quality and comes with adjustable sights . at 25 yards its a tack driver . at 50 yards or more it will still hit an 8 inch circle , off hand with no rest .
Fun gun
Greg Sellinger (Crestview, FL) 10/25/2012 12:48 AM
This is one very accurate pistol that is a lot of fun to shoot, but I have to complain in that only one company supplies ammo (Armscor), and there are no dies or loading data available for the 22TCM. The other complaint is that you do need to change the extractor when you switch barrel/recoil spring to change caliber.
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