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RPG-2 Rocket Launchers…. Crossed the Frontier & Have Arrived!!!!!!

                 Original and  In Virtually ‘Like New’ Condition !!!!!

Light and streamlined, the Russian designed RPG-2 Rocket Launcher was effective against Infantry and Armor. Vietnam was a key testing ground for the real world employment of this weapon. U.S. forces gained an acute respect for the impact of this weapon which caused great anxiety for troops moving in M113 APCs and M48 tanks as well as Cargo trucks running back and forth from the DMZ. With it’s low profile and ease of loading, the RPG-2 maintained a sinister presence in the jungles of Vietnam and over the decades, it was effective throughout conflicts in Asia, Africa, and South & Central America.

Sarco has obtained these RPG-2s from the Warsaw Bloc and they have been deactivated to BATF specifications. The launchers are in excellent condition  and have a bore hole cut in the tube as part of the deactivation. Also a solid rod is in place within the bore as required. The trigger housing is functional, can cock and click with a trigger pull, and the front and rear sights are functional and have good spring tension.   Also…  RPG-2 Rocket without booster will fit into the tube just fine and it makes a fabulous display piece and is extremely realistic ! Our stock is  quite limited and we are not sure if we will be able to obtain more.

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RPG-2 Sling
Price: $12.75
RPG-2 Sling
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