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Grenade Launcher Rubber Boot

Price: $34.50
Currently Available
Item Number: MISC088
A perfect reproduction of the grenade launching rubber boot (slip on) for the Springfield and M1 Garand. Absolutely meticulously beautiful!

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Must Have for your 03 Springfield
Albert Dorn (Lake Saint Louis, MO) 1/28/2017 10:53 AM
I have a straight stock (non pistol grip) on my Springfield and it was painful to shoot! Bought this boot and not only does it look authentic, the first time I shot with it I went through several boxes of ammo and the rifle was suddenly a pleasure to shoot. A little warm soapy water helps it slip on snugly. It does lengthen the pull as you might expect (about an inch and a half), but I have long arms so it actually made the rifle a better fit for me. Highly recommended.
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