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Shot Trak HD Gun Camera

MSRP: $139.95
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Item Number: SHOTTRAK

SARCO is proud to offer the Shot Trak HD Gun Camera. Take a minute to read all about this neat little gun camera from this excerpt from the company's website:

In the sporting world, everyone is always looking for the next big innovation. This is doubly true in the hunting and shooting world. ATN presents that next cutting edge product, the “Shot Trak” series of hunting cameras. Combining a HD camera with ATN signature durability and reliability, the ATN Shot Trak is the perfect way to document your next hunt, or even your next trip to the range. The Shot Trak is the smallest high definition gun mounted camera available on the market today. However, quality or durability is not something you sacrifice when you get the Shot Trak. It packs a punch well over its weight, and knows how to take a punch as well thanks to its recoil proof technology. This little bit of tech ensures that whether it’s a quick shoot or a 5000 round one, the Shot Trak will never get loose, never fall off, and never sustain recoil related damage. The Shot Trak has also been praised for its durability in all situations. How can you pack durability in such a small and light gun camera? High grade military grade material. Materials that guarantee that the accuracy of the hunting camcorder are never sacrificed, as well as ensuring that any drop or rough handling will not result in the camera angle changing.

Another Unique feature ATN’s Shot Trak packs is that it has 5x the magnification of other hunting video cameras. Having a higher magnification, especially in fixed optical devices results in much clearer images at longer range, as opposed to the blurry image gained by zooming in from a smaller magnification lens. By reducing the field of view, we gave the Shot Trak the best magnification available today.

Still debating whether this is your video camera for hunting? This device also features a weaver mount which lets you mount the Shot Trak on any side of your long weapon, handgun, as well as transforming this gun camera into a bow mounted video camera with the included mount. In addition it is run by the simplest control scheme on any action camera or ATN “Smart HD device”. With a simple toggle switch you can turn the camera and optional laser on and off with just four simple positions for the switch. The best way to show off a victorious hunt to friends, from the best hunting camera on the market


Designed by Shooters for Shooters, the Shot Trak HD mounts on any rifle, handgun, or bow to capture incredible color video of your target in full HD (1920 x 1080p). Most action cameras today offer only a wide lens that may take great videos close up but fail miserably when attempting to capture your game at a distance.

Military Grade Material - Unlike regular action cameras, the Shot Trak is built rugged using the same materials that ATN has used over the years when building high end Mil. Spec. scopes. Built tough so you can treat it rough

Simple Toggle Switch Operation - Easy and Simple operations in the field are key to tactical or hunting experience. Our Tactical Toggle switch makes this a reality. No need for complex menus and multiple buttons when time is of the essence

Tiny Full HD Tactical Solution - Shooters have enough to deal with other then bulky cameras hanging off their weapons. Shot Trak is the smallest 1080p action camera system around - and it's light too - Only 120g

Standard Weaver Mount - mounts on three sides of your weapon The Shot Trak conveniently mounts on three sides of your weapon to any standard weaver or picatinny rail, allowing you to view your videos right side up. No need for complex editing software and loss of resolution

Features Rundown:

Full HD video Record

Military Grade Material

Simple Toggle Switch Operation

Built in Microphone

5X the magnification of a standard action camera

Tiniest Full HD Tactical Solution

Recoil proof

Standard Weaver Mount - mounts on all four sides of your weapon

Sensor 5 Megapixel CMOS

Resolution 1920 x 1080 / 30 fps (Full HD)

Video File MPEG4 (H.264) .MOV File

FOV 20 degrees

Range of Focus 8 yards to infinity

Audio Built-in microphone

Storage Micro SD card slot, support Micro SD card (2 to 32 Gb)

Lens Brilliant Lens

Power 1 x CR123A battery

Operational Time 2 hrs - Video Record

Low Battery Indicator

Water Resistant

Standard Weaver Mount

Dimensions 2.6" x 1.3" x 1.8"

PLEASE NOTE: Camera DOES NOT come with Micro SD card. Cards sold separately. 

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Shotgun use
James Giarrusso (Pelham, NH) 11/26/2014 1:22 PM
would like to see a short picatinny rail mount for an over and under shotgun. it would be great to review shots!
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