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For your convenience, each month we will be providing Sarco's three most current ads from the Shotgun News so you can view them online. You will need Acrobat® Reader® to view these files, and can download the software by clicking on the icon to the right. Note: Because these are fairly large files they may take a couple minutes to download. We may have split some of the issues in half to allowed for a quicker download time.


Our ads in the Shotgun News are catalog prices and may not reflect any sales or higher pricing found on our website.
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1st Ad - Mostly Parts & Accessories for the UZI, Swedish Mauser, Walther, SKS, M3 Grease Gun, Galil, Mauser HSC, Winchester, CZ52, G-43, Japanese Arisaka, AK, C96 Mauser, Steyr, Mosin 91/30, Italian BM59, G3 & Cetme, Smith & Wesson, Lahti, Czech VZ-50, and others - Also 1903 & 1903A3 Springfield Rifles (No FFL required), Ammo, Stripper Clips, Handguards, Slings, Grips, Rare Rifle Stocks, Ghurka Knives, Grace Screwdrivers, Rifle & Pistol Magazines, Cleaning Rods, and other miscellaneous items.
10th Ad - Mostly Parts & Accessories for the AR15/M16, Luger, Garand, 1911 .45, Bayonets, M14, Enfield, Carbine, Springfield, 98 Mauser, Tokarev, M84 Telescope, Thompson and other miscellaneous items.
20th Ad- Mostly 1919A4, MG34, .50 cal, RPD, FAL, M60, Vickers, BAR, Bren, Tripods & Mounts, & other machine gun items. We also have a listing of FIREARMS in the 20th ad.     



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