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South African R-1, FAL (C) Bayonet

Price: $40.00
Currently Available
Item Number: BAY341

Pulled from storage in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

Original ‘Rhodesian’ service FAL bayonets brought out of Zimbabwe . Bayonets are generally in excellent condition and come complete with ‘ Military South African Union’ markings and with  the South African plastic scabbard. Unlike the standard FN socket bayonets, these fit the scabbard with the socket to the inside.  Slashing their way across the frontier of Rhodesia’s  aggressive neighbors in Mozambique, Zambia, & Botswana, these tools of the Commonwealth Trooper and Mercenary alike, are in great condition for what they’ve been through!  

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Rhodie goodness!
Tom Sargis Jr. (Livingston, MT) 6/4/2019 1:01 PM
Just what the doctor ordered to complete my Rhodie builds. Near mint condition and South African "M-U" marked. Thanks!
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