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Spanish Cetme Model (C) Rifle Parts Set, Complete with Accessories

Price: $185.50
Currently Available
Item Number: CET026


ADD a New CETME (C) .308 barrel?*
SUPER DEAL !!  We are now offering the Standard Cetme ‘C’ Kit... Complete with a 5rd magazine, a 20rd magazine, a canvas sling and a leather sling! Barrel NOT included.

**These kits come with full auto parts and as such CAN NOT be shipped to Washington State. Orders with billing OR shipping addresses in Washington State will be canceled.

Collaboration between German engineers and Franco’s Spanish designers drove Spain to adopt the (C) version of the CETME rifle in 1974. Regarded as the lightweight option, the C rifle was adopted by the Spanish Army, Navy, and Air Force and chambered for the .308 Nato round. The German G-3 and the CETME are close cousins and share many of the same parts. In fact, 25 parts from the CETME and G-3 / HK91, are interchangeable with one another. Another 3 parts from the Trigger pack are also interchangeable as long as they are used as a set. Our parts set includes all parts shown in the pictured parts breakdown above including the trunion and other necessary receiver parts for your semi auto build. This super deal also includes a 5rd mag, a 20rd mag, a canvas sling, and a leather sling. Additionally we will have receivers available very soon. The kit’s real visual strength is the wooden stock and forend which accentuate the rifle’s appearance and makes it look sporty and more appealing than the plastic furniture of the G-3. These kits are in good used condition.

PLEASE NOTE: Our CETME barrels have a 5/8 – 24 pitch thread. The Flash hider in our kit will not fit. That is a common thread on flash hiders and they are readily available.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $5 handling fee on these kits.

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