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Steel Caltrops, 1 piece

Price: $4.00
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Item Number: MISC635

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Steel Caltrops are small 4 pointed objects that always land with one point facing at 90 degrees and thus act as a deterrent to anything stepping where they are placed. Romans were well known for employing them, especially when they needed to defend against overwhelming enemy on foot or on horseback. Also well known for use in Medieval Europe and in WW1 trench warfare. They covered many miles of stretches of ‘no man’s land’.  There are many small cheap imitations on the market, but ours are solid steel and rise over 2-1/2 inches which was ideal for the variety of missions they were designed for in the 20th century. They are also as adept at being thrown and piercing items like  a throwing star does. These are sold as display pieces/ collector items only.   

Sorry, no sales to CA, NY , IL or TX - Please check your local laws before ordering.

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