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TM9-2021 .50 Caliber Maintenance

Price: $14.95
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Item Number: SB108
.50 Caliber Maintenance Manual Dave got most of what he knows out of this manual. Its super rare! He says the reprint was his idea, so please buy it!! This is a really great tech manual. Fixed, Flexible, Turret type guns. Flexible water cooled guns, early huge !! M3 mount, M3 Tripod, M63 Tripod AA mount, M2 ammo Chest, M3 Water Chest Tech Info: A. All repair and rebuild standards B. All parts are shown with part numbers, but we commend our manual TM2213-25 for the best parts and exploded view info. C. All special tools equipment for field and depot maintenance. D. Inspection of all parts E. Repair and rebuild of all guns and mounts. F. Repair and rebuild of all guns equipment for 50's. G. References to all other .50 caliber manuals.

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Worth every penny
Dennis (Carson City, NV) 12/24/2017 6:45 PM
This is another great item from Sarco. The actual manual is extremely hard to find - this copy is better than the few I have seen for sale at very high cost (over $100). This copy of TM9-2021 is awesome and an essential item for all M2HB and M3 owners!
A Really Excellent Manual
Gary Kretsinger (Byron, GA) 8/19/2011 10:10 AM
If you want an all-in-one maintenance reference for the M2 .50 BMG, this tech manual fills the bill. Not only does it cover all of the variations of the gun itself, but it contains detailed information about gun mounts and maintenance tools that simply isn't available in other tech manuals. The quality of the reprint is good. The text is crisp and the illustrations are clear, unlike some of the TM reprints I have seen in the past. There is a wealth of information here, and this manual makes a great addition to my collection of literature on the M2 series .50 BMG.
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