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U.K. Military Escape & Evasion Map #2

Price: $40.00
Currently Available
Item Number: MISC295
As the terrorist ISIS commander says.... “Come Visit US Before We Visit YOU!” If you are a military contractor, explorer, or are just planning a trip to the Mideast, please take along one of our original rayon maps issued to military Aircrews and Special Units in British Service. Maps can be bunched up and stuffed in pockets or extremely tight spaces and yet retain their resiliency when needed, even when it’s raining! These maps may help you out of an unpleasant situation! A collectible and yet still valid for survival situations! 

MAP #2 - Two sided: Covers parts of IRAQ including Kirkuk, Baghdad, and western IRAN. Loaded with over 60 features that could mean life or death for the traveler or aircrew lost in an unforgiving environment. Size 28"x 24"

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