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U.S. Military Collimator For Binoculars

Price: $995.00
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Item Number: MISC425

U.S. Military Collimator for Binoculars

How do you keep binoculars seeing Parallel in line, and functional from minimum close range to maximum optical range ? ‘ Binocular Collimating Fixture’ is the clinical device to do this. This WW2/Korean War era maintenance device is the ‘Bees Knees’ of optical standards in making sure your eyes focus correctly to call in that all important airstrike or artillery adjustment. Although it looks slightly ‘Steampunkd’ in design, using brass and steel with precision optics, it also has a lighting unit housed in one end to provide visual reference when making adjustments in the binoculars optical path. Basically you would set the binoculars on the middle base, look through the optical lenses on the right side, and match up the lense with light and stadia marks coming through the left side optical housings. Fine adjustment knobs on either side of the unit, would ensure precision settings.  We are selling this ‘as is’, which seems like it is in  good overall shape and we have tested the electrical lighting which works fine . Also comes with a cylindrical tool. One unit only. 

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