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U.S. Civil War Percussion Revolver Leather Holster, Right Hand

Price: $19.95
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Item Number: HOL043

U.S. CIVIL WAR PERCUSSION REVOLVER LEATHER HOLSTER EMBOSSED  – New made. Quality production rugged, heavy black leather with belt loop on back, “U.S.” embossed on the flap just like the original. These were carried butt forward for right hand draw as left hand held the sword. Good for the for 1860 Army & 1851 Navy & other Civil war revolvers of the 1850s, 1860s and beyond. New. 

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most leather for your $
LEE (PENSACOLA, FL) 10/20/2013 1:13 AM
More than enough for 1851 or 1860 Colts. Damp molded mine to Uberti Rep. 2nd Model Dragoon and punched an extra hole in the fastener to close. Well made, heavy duty leather. No embossing - but I believe that is most likely correct for many Civil War holsters.
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