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U.S. Model 1912 Cavalry Holster Assembly for the Colt 1911 .45 Automatic

Price: $22.95
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Item Number: HOL040

A superb recreation of this fabulous rare holster. Very high grade thick brown buffalo leather with brass hardware. It really feels good! Large “U.S.” embossed in the flap. Incorporates a rotating swivel panel to allow flexibility in riding a horse and also for a lower mounting on the upper leg. Has an 18" leather tie down ½" leather straps. RIGHT HAND. Ruggedly made for hard use!

The 1912 Cavalry holster is a favorite because it hangs lower from the belt than a 1916 Hip holster. It puts the pistol more in line with your hand and when mounted or in a vehicle, it follows the taper of your leg. 

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