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UZI Select Grade Parts Set w/Folding Stock, with barrel

Price: $229.95
Currently Available
Item Number: UZI152


25 Round Uzi Magazine Add-on
Good to Very Good kit, folding stock - with barrel

As we have sold before, better metal and plastic than the utility kit. Good to very good overall. No barrel. Wooden stock included.
Less the receiver - These are Israeli surplus I.M.I. made Uzi parts. If you're
If you’re buying a cheaper UZI parts kit from a competitor make sure you’re getting barrel trunion and the other receiver parts. *OUR KITS HAVE THE FOLLOWING RECEIVER SUB-COMPONENTS.
A. Barrel mount (trunion barrel support)
B. Front sight bracket (base)
C. Bayonet lug
D. Trigger housing mount (rear grip mount)
E. Rear sight base and stock mount (backplate)
F. Ejector

Build a semi or a dummy!
Note: Receiver section with feed ramp and hand guard mount not included or available. These are part of the original receiver stamping NOTE: Our kits have the grip mount lug included.

***Not For Sale In Washington per State Law.
To add a magazine to any kit, please add $15.00 (only sold with a kit) – Magazines not shippable to CA, HI, MA, MD, NJ, NY, DC

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