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Wanted Items

You might have something you are looking to sell that we might be interested in buying.  Let us know!  Give us a call!

Have you seen these items? Please contact Sarco - (610) 250-3960

WANTED :  DESTROY CARBINE BOLTS or COMPONENTS - Or will trade new original destroyer magazine against them or will trade other items - 1 bolt on up to a few 100!

WANTED :   STRIPPERS! Do you have a bunch of old strippers just hanging around? Well if so, sell them to us and we will put them to good use. We will make a cash or trade offer for stripper clips in good used condition. Offers only made on quantities of 100pcs and above. Contact Dave at Ext.130 or email -

WANTED :   Cash $$$ for your old parts or guns! Turn that old gun working or not into cash! We are also interested in that old box of gun parts sitting in your closet collecting dust. Send us a list or just send them in. If you do not accept our offer, we will return the lot to you. We are interested to buy any or all gun parts in small or large quantities - guns, ammo, accessories - anything related to guns... a box or a warehouse full! The list below are some goodies we are especially interested in!

WANTED :   Bolts for the M261 .22 LR G.I. Conversion Kit for the AR15/M16

WANTED :    BOLTS or BOLT PARTS for French Daudeteau (or any other Daudeteau parts).


WANTED :   M60 Forends - any quantity, 1 or more. Email Dave at or call him Fridays at (610) 250-3960  


WANTED :   All & Any parts for the M60 Light Machine gun – New or Used – Big pile or Tiny pile. Even some demilitarized parts. Email Dave at or call him Fridays at (610) 250-3960 - Bolts, bipods lets, stocks, covers, barrels, & all other parts – misc assortments accepted.


WANTED :   Luger for parts - any model - any condition - complete, incomplete, or even any parts you might have. Will buy 1 or 100 - whatcha got!!


WANTED :  .30 BMG or .50 BMG T&E Mechanisms - Broken or incomplete or GDII or parts - any quantity. Will also take good ones!! Email Dave at or call him Fridays at (610) 250-3960 


WANTED :   9mm Spanish Destroyer Carbine Bolts. 1 or 100, complete or incomplete.


WANTED :   Dealers & Gun Show Traders - If you want to outfit yourself, we will try to work with you on a package goods to go in the parts business. Call Cholly.


WANTED :   Parts, demils, or assemblies for the 106mm Recoilless rifle and its mount (M79 or tripod).  Also for the M8 spotting rifle that goes with it.  Any quantity, any condition.



WANTED :   Any and all parts for the G-43 and G-41 German semi-auto rifle.  Junk or complete guns.


WANTED :   G-41 German stock and hardware.


WANTED :   M1 Carbine M3 Sniper Scope Stuff - Small or large lots! We are taking a position, good scopes, scope boxes, broken scopes, parts, new or used, mounting bars, etc, etc...whatever ya got! Email Dave at or call him Fridays at (610) 250-3960 


WANTED :   All edged weapons and Militaria spare gun parts, etc. Also metal replica machine guns, MP40, Thompson M16, etc.


WANTED :   1) Any and all .50 BMG parts  2) Any receiver components of .50 caliber BMG any condition. 3) Buffer bodies for .50 cal MG. 4) Receiver components for M85 .50 cal MG.(no R.H. sideplates unless registered) Small or large quantities - We are constantly buying these parts to improve our large inventory. Contact Dave or Cholly . Also, interested in govt contractors who currently product parts or have tooling. 


WANTED :   .50 Cal. BMG trunions & bottom plates & left hand side plates. One or a hundred - Email Dave at or call him Fridays at (610) 250-3960 


WANTED :   Parts for the early M2 infrared sniper's scope for M1Carbine.


WANTED :   Hammer spring for M8 spotting rifle and other M8 parts.


WANTED :   Parts ordemils or assemblies for the 106mm Recoiless rifle and it's mount (M79 or tripod) - ALSO for the M8 spotting rifle that goes with it - any quantity, any condition.


WANTED :   We are expanding our library in ATF rulings, letters, etc. would appreciate copies of any ATF correspondence or rulings you may have. Block out headings if you need to - for your own confidential file & gatherings of knowledge, send personal ATTN: Cholly Steen. Thanks in advance, Cholly

M16 or AR15 Triggers
M1 Garand followers
New or Used SKS gas pistons
SKS top covers, complete trigger assemblies (or incomplete)
M2 & M3 tripods, complete or incomplete
UZI bolts & extractors
M1 Carbine hammers, bolts (M1 & M2), trigger housings
Any Luger parts (orig or repro)
P38 or P1 barrels
1919A4 rear sight bases
Most C-96 Mauser parts
M14 Selectors, bolts, trigger housings, op rods, or other parts
Colt 1911 stainless .4 mag
1919A4 extractor cams
Thompson horizontal forend screws
M1 Garand op rod catch assembly, gas clyinder lock
M16 Used triangular handguards sets & New G.I.left hand traingular handguards
G-3 bolt carriers & bolt heads
FAL bolts and 2 pc extractors
Stocks or handguards
P38 barrels and firing pin springs
1919A4 Browning extractors
.50 cal M2HB machine gun barrel extensions & bolts
Any parts for the G-43 rifle

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