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ZF41 Scope

MSRP: $350.00
Price: $289.00
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Item Number: MSR473
Beautiful repro of ZF-41 Scope & Mount for K98 Mauser WWII sniper rifle. Made using original drawing & high tech machinery.
This scope includes the original period markings for authenticity. Scope has the proper post & cross hair sight picture. Sunshade is included and scope is factory collimated at 0/300 yds.  

Sarco also has a unique mounting for this scope. The base is incorporated into a 98K sight base so you dont have to replace the ring around the barrel (very difficult) or weld a dovetail on the side of the base (the originals were a base with a dovetail machined in). Just remove your original rear sight & replace it with this new one and you can pop your scope right on to the rifle. Base has original type period markings.

Could require minor fitting due to variations in sight bases. 
Other Options:

Combination of ZF41 Scope & Mount - Refer to part # MSR476

Combination of ZF41 Scope, Mount & Scope Can - Refer to part # MSR477
Base Only -  Refer to part # MSR474
Also available exact repro of the original ZF41 Scope can cover with wooden handle, cleaning brush, sunshade retainer & canvas belt strap - Refer to part # MSR475

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