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WW2 1919A4 & BAR Cradle

Price: $89.95
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Item Number: MNT042

With economy in mind, we can offer this great reproduction of the WW2 Cradle as used in Jeep dash mounts and pedestal mounts. Originally used on the M25 pedestal mount with the M2 .50 cal. and 1919 A4, but generally used with the 1919A4 & BAR by use of separate sized pins. This is great for semi auto 1919A4's & BAR's and is the perfect mount for those static non firing displays for vehicle collectors. The cradle is cast and we advise that if you are shooting class 3 machine guns, you should invest in a forged cradle and not a cast cradle. New made cradle with 1919A4/BAR pins/chains.

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Charles S.J. Davis (Kailua, HI) 5/13/2017 5:57 PM
received this item all wrapped in plastic along with the obligatory dark grease and cosmoline looking stuff in evidence. It looked like it came right out of a big box of reconditioned turn-in parts! I love it and it's a great addition to my BAR set-up. Although using it for displaying my BAR (which is in semi-auto) I would have not fear of firing the rifle off this mount. The warning sentence at the bottom of the description did not scare me away. Great stuff.
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