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BM59 Original Beretta Operating Rod

Price: $120.00
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Item Number: BM59026

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Good piece.
Timothy Yorgan (Mt. Pleasant, WI) 6/29/2016 11:18 AM
The Sarco ad tells us the BM 59 is made of available Garand parts but, M1 owners should be aware that the BM 59 is 1/2" shorter on the stock group and the op-rod, although it fits everywhere else perfectly, is 1/2" too short. Unless you mechanically add 1/2" inch (easy for most machinists), to the end at the piston, the op-rod will pull out of the gas cylinder on recoil. Do not assume this will fit an M1 Garand.
Does NOT fit Mil. Spec M1.
Timothy Yorgan (Mt. Pleasant, WI) 6/27/2016 5:11 PM
I gave this a high rating even though I must return it. The part is exactly 1/2" too short at the piston end to function on an M1 military rifle. The bio for the BM59 rifle says it is made with available Garand parts, however, that does not include the operating rod. A Garands .30-06 barrel is apparently longer than the conversion barrel to a NATO round (the piston will slip out at cycling). I repair M1's and figured I had an inexpensive "op-rod" replacement but I would have to machine an extension to get it to work. This is a good piece for the BM59 and has a modern undercut put in at a critical "op-rod" stress point, to avoid cracking...just can't be used for our Honor Guard rifles.
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