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Hotchkiss 37mm USN Pratt & Whitney made Cannon

Price: For serious inquiries please call Sarco INC. at (610) 250-3960 and ask for Dave!
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One of a kind indeed! Where to start...The 494lb 37mm cannon is US made by Pratt & Whitney on a Hotchkiss design for the US navy. The date on the cannon is 1890. We have a few extras with it as well. There are 2 firing pins, feed tray, shoulder arm, 4 original shell casings, many reproduction bullets and a few shell casings. There is a empty shell casing bag and bolts for various parts on the cannon. The carriage is a French design although the cannon is US made. Not many of these were produced or still existing. We know of only 5 others that are in America. The barrels on the cannon are custom made off the originals. We have the originals that will come with it. Almost everything on the gun is made of bronze, inside and out. The carriage has a loop on the back for easy hook up and go capability. It can be towed. The cleaning rods are intact on the left side. This is a one of a kind that can't be found anymore. There is not much information on these out there due to the lack of them produced by Pratt & Whitney. Most of them were European made. If you have any questions just ask.

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Functional Mechanical Art
GORDON HAMILTON (NC) 9/27/2014 10:18 AM
If you are ever near Quantico, Va and want toi see a great example og one of these there is one at the Marine Corps Museum.
Hotchkiss 37 mm Cannon
Richard Travalini (Kyle, TX) 10/10/2011 11:08 PM
You should contact Pawn Stars. I'm sure they would like to feature this item in their show.
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