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No. 32 MKI Telescope

This is the most exciting new item Sarco has acquired in a long time.
Big FULL ENSEMBLE FOR THE No. 32 MKI TELESCOPE All our employees went GA GA over this set! This detailed reproduction of the No. 32 MK I telescopic sight for the N0. 4 SMLE (Short, Magazine, Lee Enfield) is the most sought after, because the overall quality was better than the later produced MK II and MK III scopes. The MK I has the sliding eyeshade and in this model both front and rear shades have been reproduced right down to the brownish color. The drum mechanisms, just like the original, incorporate click device for positive adjustment, each click represents two minutes of angle or 2 inches at 100 yards and the lateral deflection is up to 16 minutes left and right. On the range drum, each click represents 50 yards and this is graduated to 1,000 yards. Optics are crisp clear and the complete set comes with the sheet steel telescope case, adjusting tool, scope mount and leather scope lens covers. As an added SARCO bonus, we will include the 2 bases, screws, taps and drill bits in order for you to complete the job of installing this FABULOUS reproduction on your favorite SMLE.
Note:  These scopes can be installed on a standard # 4 Enfield rifle to create a # 4 MKI T sniper rifle.


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No. 32 MKI Telescope Drum Adjusting Tool
Price: $22.50
No. 32 MKI Telescope Drum Adjusting Tool
To adjust your knob to the corresponding range
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