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Rhino Pack

Price: $49.95
Currently Available
Item Number: MISC729
Short Range Patrol Utility Pack
ATAFREX Contractor Packs make great little 'Range Bags', are stackable & practical for field, camping, range and overnight use. Rugged and in Grass Pattern Camo
Excursion pack was designed to chiefly hold ammunition and food for short range patrols. Main compartment is divided in three sections with an additional pouch on each end. Has MOLLE type fastener points and is made with two 30 rd. 
magazine pouches on the front and two 30 rd. pouches on top which are accessed behind one’s neck when the pack is worn. No custom fancy snaps, or fasteners to break…. This is made basic to get the job done and these packs can be worn in tandem, one tied to the other top to bottom if more capacity is needed. Pack has shoulder straps and bottom straps for accessory stowage or tying onto attached lower packs. This is also a great little range bag and can carry your pistols and ammunition with snacks to boot! This is the only place to get the ‘grass pattern camo pack’ and it goes perfectly with the ATAFREX camo uniforms we carry. Roughly 18”x9”x7’. Supply Limited.

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