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The Thomas B. Nelson Collection


Who’s out there for this fabulous collection of model guns?

Sarco has acquired the Lifelong Collection of Thomas B. Nelson, the foremost marketer of model guns for more than 40 years (also famous as the author of some of the leading firearms books of our era).  Mr. Nelson was the founder of this business and has sold a few million of these fabulous collectible models.  The first production began about 1968.  
WE NOW HAVE A SPREAD SHEET OF THE GUNS IN THE COLLECTION! Not yet priced... Slowly! Slowly!! We'll get it done! Guns are in house but still all in 4 big pallets. Click Here To View Spread Sheet!

This unique collection is a one-time chance, as it is the only one in existence.

We would hope to sell it to one lucky collector, as it would be nice to preserve it for history.

Rifles, pistols, revolvers, sub machine guns, assault rifles, cut aways, etc. scads of different models, some with variations produced by several different manufactures – some that are pre production that never came to market – some are high end commemorative – lots of the old sub machine guns that now command a premium when you can find them.  There is a total quantity of over 300 models!

Lots of variations of Lugers, P-38’s, Sterlings, 1911’s, Pythons, single actions, etc. - Many are tool room or developmental models most are new in the box as these were collected over 45 years of activity in the market and sales of a few million of these models.

From 1967 to 1980 Tom Nelson operated his business under the name of Replica Models, Inc.

It’s a shame to split this up if there is someone who would like to preserve this as a history of the era of realistic copy model guns. It would be impossible to reassemble this fabulous collection again.

Names like Nakata, CMC, Hudson, MGC, Marushin, Suzuki, MKK, Yonez, Western Arms, Kokursai, ASGK, Bruni, Asami, Kangman, Kangarm, Korea, Rocken, Edison, MIQ, Masudaya. Models like MP40, Uzi, P38, Luger, 1911, Papa Nambu, Automag, Anaconda, Mauser 712, Python, Sterling, M93R, Colt Peacemaker, Hi Power, Bunt Line, Mauser  1916, SIG, Franklin Mint Fancys, M3 SMG, cutaways, Scorpion, Micro Uzi, Mini Uzi, AR7, Madsen 1950, Calico MP5, PPSH41, Galil, M16E1, M2 Carbine, Win 1873, Trapdoor, AK47, Erma SMG, Baby Nambu, Ingram SMG, H&K VP-70 w/stock, Thompson, HK UMP SMG .45, M14, Papa & Baby Nambu, etc. etc. etc. etc.

This is just an initial announcement of this collection. It is yet to be delivered to Sarco but it is a done deal. We do have a handwritten list of all guns in the collection, yet to be typed up. If you have a serious interest, email Cholly at or call (908) 647-3852


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